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Program Areas

"We The Peoples" campaign

Call for inclusive global governance

An inclusive and democratic UN

With each passing day, global challenges become more pressing. The UN Charter was proclaimed in the name of “We The Peoples” of the United Nations. But it is a club of national governments. It is time for global governance to improve significantly and become more accountable to those affected most: the world’s citizens.

Three specific demands

The “We The Peoples” platform brings together advocacy of three demands for which separate campaigns exist: the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly, a UN World Citizens’ Initiative and a UN Civil Society Envoy. These new tools will help the UN tackle global challenges more effectively. They will enhance the legitimacy of global governance. 

A joint platform of civil society

The “We The Peoples” campaign is based on the civil society call for inclusive global governance. This platform has been endorsed by over 200 civil society groups, networks, alliances and institutions from across the world. The campaign was jointly initiated and is co-convened by Democracy Without Borders, Democracy International and CIVICUS.

Endorse the campaign

The campaign is ongoing. Individuals and institutions are invited to express their endorsement by submitting an online form which you can find here. In particular, we encourage Members of Parliament to express their support. In a joint statement, they put forward the proposal that UN member states establish a “Group of Friends for Inclusive Global Governance”.

Three demands

The “We The Peoples” campaign for inclusive global governance calls for the creation of a

  • UN World Citizens’ Initiative
  • UN Parliamentary Assembly
  • UN Civil Society Envoy

Find the full list of endorsing groups and organizations here