Democracy Without Borders strives for a democratic world community.

We promote a right to democracy at all levels, global institutions that are democratic and effective, and equal global citizenship.

Book review: The Rules of Democracy
Marcial Boo has some excellent credentials as a regulator of politicians and a supervisor of public spending. He has now written an excellent book – extraordinarily concise, pertinent and principled…
Hilton Dawson | 06.07.2022
What will the world make of the UN Summit of the Future in 2023?
In this piece the authors provide an overview of Stimson Center’s new report “Road to 2023: Our Common Agenda and the Pact for the Future” and argue that the UN requires far-reaching changes
Richard Ponzio and Nudhara Yusuf | 04.07.2022
New 2022 report: Global civil society amid disruption and conflict
This overview highlights the fuel and food crisis, attacks on democracy and democratic successes, struggles for justice and equality, action on climate justice and the need of the UN to transform
Mandeep Tiwana | 01.07.2022
We support global democracy

The world’s citizens need to have a voice

A UN Parliamentary Assembly

The United Nations is failing to rise to the challenge of the existential risks we now face. Seeking consensus amongst almost 200 competing member states is a recipe for doing too little, too late. That’s why we push for a new body of citizen-elected represen­tatives: A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA). Learn more

A UN World Citizens' Initiative

The Charter of the UN begins with the words “We, The Peoples”. However, one will seek in vain for a means by which ordinary people can play a role. We propose that global citizens can launch petitions that are then considered by the UN. The instrument to make this possible is a UN World Citizens’ Initiative (UNWCI). Learn more

A Global Voting Platform for citizens

Democracy requires participation – and global democracy means participation of all people. Democracy Without Borders works on providing a scalable online platform that allows for debates, voting, and elections. Topics on the agenda could include resolutions of the Security Council or other global bodies. Learn more