Program Areas

Program Areas

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A donation is an effective way to support Democracy Without Borders. Individual contributions help us maintain and expand operations, hire professionals and stay independent as we promote global democracy.

At the forefront

Democracy Without Borders is at the forefront of the efforts for global democracy with the campaigns promoting a UN Parliamentary Assembly and a UN World Citizens’ Initiative.

Unique focus

The focus of Democracy Without Borders on promoting global democracy, global governance and global citizenship and their intersections based on a long-term Theory of Change is unique.

Global and local

Democracy Without Borders is coordinating global and local action. People on the ground across the world work in unison to build momentum for local and global change. 

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If you wish to make a donation via wire transfer, please contact us for the bank details.

DWB global is registered in Germany and recognized by financial authorities as a charitable and tax exempt organization.  The organization was determined by NGOsource to be equivalent to a U.S. public charity.